Manufacturing studio for utility and decorative pieces in stoneware

"A little poetry to enrich your daily life!"

Apart from being a potter, 

Anouk is also a shepherdess!

Adjacent to the studio, let yourself be surprised by another little world!


In the sheepfold, there are 70 sheeps, 15 lambs and 2 rams. In winter, the herd is on the farm, and the rest of the year it grazes in the alpine pastures. For breeding, lambs are fed with sheep's milk and then with grass.

"Naah also has a second activity, she is also a graphic designer!" See her site:

Poterie artisanale des Gets - Les Gets hand-crafted pottery

1373 route de Lassarre // 74260 Les Gets // FRANCE // +33 (0)6 82 58 28 40 // +33 (0)6 26 92 60 62 //

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